I am a GENIUS!!

Wanna hear what I did today? You'll never believe it.

I ran my checkbook through the laundry today. Apparently I didn't take it out of my pocket after paying the lawnmower delivery guy. Since I never put stuff like that in the pockets of my work jeans, I just threw them into the washer without checking them.

The mistake was discovered when I moved the clothes to the dryer and I discovered my navy blue pants covered with a mass of white fuzz. The checks and check register completely disintegrated as did any other paper that was exposed. The lining of the checkbook fell out too, though the pockets that you tuck the check packet and the check register into are still intact. There were only 8-10 checks left, so it's not as bad as it could have been. The check register was fairly new too and easily recreated from my last bank statement. That would have been a real pain to re-do had it been nearly full of entries, instead of only 1-2 pages full.



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