You Know You've Re-Shaped Your Body When...

your "skinny" pants are still loose when you first put them on, even when you're all bloated. And your belt is loose enough that you cannot feel your phone vibrating when it rings. Of course, I haven't been to the gym in over a week, so things might be a little different next week.

In related news, my back and hip appear to be mostly back to normal now. I've been stretching my hips, but no actual workout at all. I debated going to the Y just to use the hot tub, but haven't gotten that far yet. I may get there in the morning for just a mile on the treadmill to see how the hip does, but I also have a very long day tomorrow (out of town work-related meeting after hours), so that might not be the best timing if things don't go well. I will have a short day on Friday to balance out the long day tomorrow. Perhaps a Friday morning workout would be better. I really really really want to be a gym rat again. I miss my endomorphin mornings and my gym buddies. It's nice to have some time with smiling sweaty people.

Garden Progress
Well, there really hasn't been any. It's been raining the past several days. Tonight I did finish digging up the front flower bed and tomorrow it will rain again. I can't put the cannas and glads back in until after I get the bales of peat moss delivered from the local home fixit store and get that dug in too. Well, I could put the cannas and glads back first, but that would be silly since I'd just be digging them all up again to fix the soil. I'll make the purchase of the peat moss bales on Friday and have them delivered on Saturday. (I can only fit two at a time in my car and I want to buy ten of the suckers. That will take care of all of the flower beds *and* the garden. To me it's worth the delivery fee to get everything all at once instead of buying two bales at a time over a week and losing an hour of garden/outdoor time each night.)

I decapitated a bunch of worms tonight. That always makes me feel bad. I like to see worms and I thank them for all the wonderful digging and digesting they're doing for me, but I hate to accidentally cut them in pieces or squish them. Just the way they wiggle up into a ball when they get squished or cut, you know that's got to at least sting a bit, if not feel like having your funny bone bashed with a hammer. Sorry wormies.

No toads were visible this evening, but I did hear some croaking going on when I finally went inside for the night.

A Thought for Mr. Hubert
Last fall when we had Hurricane Gustav evacuees from New Orleans staying at a local shelter, I met a gentleman named Hubert. We struck up a conversation while he was waiting to see one of the physicians at the clinic we were operating. He's lived in Chicago and San Francisco, prior to moving back to N.O. and worked for Traveler's Aid for a while, meeting a lot of interesting people from around the world. It was delightful chatting with him, so I asked if he minded if I wrote him after he returned home. He said that would be nice and we've been corresponding occasionally since. Well, Mr. Hubert isn't feeling well at the moment. He's apparently having some back problems and has been x-rayed several times. He is quite worried about the doctors being unable to figure out what is wrong and being unable to help him. So I have a favor to ask of you. If you have any spare thoughts or beams of healing energy, could you please direct a few of them toward New Orleans and Mr. Hubert? He's quite an interesting character and a very kind person. I hope he feels better soon.

I'm debating sending him some flowers to perk him up, just for the heck of it. Or a box of homemade cookies. I dunno. I don't want him to feel obligated to send anything back, gift-wise. I'll decide this weekend and either order or mail something off on Monday.


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