Need Another Favor

A co-worker's father is in the hospital. He had a brain bleed last week and has been up/down all week, taking turns for the worse the past few days. He's spent most of the time on a ventilator in the ICU. Today things went downhill again and the decision was made to take him off the ventilator. So, if you have a few spare neurons, beam some comforting thoughts in the general direction of F's dad. As you can imagine the situation is causing some extreme intra-family stress.

Cleaned Up Computer Room!

My task for today was to clean up my computer room. I have, for some time, been dumping papers and other stuff to be filed near the filing cabinet, but never actually putting things away. Today I hauled all the stuff out and cleaned the detritus off the desks.
It's now piled in my living room where I will be much more likely to deal with it, instead of just ignoring it by not going into my computer room. Most of the paper clutter can and should be recycled. If it's been in a pile of papers for the past 6-12 months and I haven't missed it, I'm pretty sure it can just go away. What's left will be filed appropriately.

The one thing which looks neat, but really isn't is the software library. Oh my is there a lot of crap in there. For starters there are a hundred 3 1/2" floppy disks and some old Zip disks (yes, I still have a computer that will read those) that should be sorted through and disposed of. Then there are the commercially produced disks for peripherals I no longer own and other obsolete software. The software decluttering is a fine task for rainy days in chunks of about an hour so my brain doesn't get fuzzy and I end up deleting something I want to keep.

Upcoming Things to Buy
This week I acquired a new Mac Mini. My mom came across a great deal on the computer and decided to give my sister and me new machines. Right now I'm using an old 17" or 18" CRT monitor. I'd like to get myself a nice spiffy LCD flat screen for the computer. I need to do some research to figure out which monitor I want. Obviously it needs to have pretty good resolution, but I'd also like something that will do its job well for up to five years.

The other upcoming purchase will be a new vacuum cleaner. It's been making some odd noises ever since I had to dismantle it to retrieve my yarn. Today, when I vacuumed the freshly cleaned computer room, the vacuum didn't make the noises, but it did perfume the room with a burning rubber smell by the time I was finished. I might take the thing apart one more time and see if I can figure out what isn't working right, but then again the vacuum is over five years old and it may be time for a new one. I'd rather not have to drop a hundred bucks on a vacuum right now though. I may try to limp through for a while with my little Oreck handheld vacuum.

Have a Great Weekend!!!
The weather looks like it will cooperate tomorrow and let me mulch this flower bed and the fruit trees, plus mow the lawn!


Stefaneener said…
It's more than a hundred bucks, but I love love love my Dyson Animal.

Hated the earlier iteration of it, 5 years ago, but this one is great.

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