An Illustration of a Difference Between My Co-workers and Me

Last week at lunch a co-worker asked me if I'd heard anything about the President and First Lady in England. I replied that I had and went on to summarize the speech given by the President to the G20 conference and how it was received by other heads of state. Co-worker listened attentively until I was finished, then said she really just wanted to know what they were wearing and if the First Lady was covering her arms yet or still wearing sleeveless things.

Leaf Raking Update
So, about those 14 loads of leaves I hauled down to the garden. The good news is that most of them are still there. The bad news is that for the past 30 hours, we've had 15-25 mph winds. Let's just say some of the leaves are migrating northeast. At least they're spreading out on their migratory path, instead of all bunched up along the fence, like lemmings at the bottom of a cliff. It won't be too much work to either re-rake them or to just munch them up with the lawnmower. Which reminds me....the mower needs its 80 hour checkup/service. (Yes, I can do all the work myself, but I figure it's not a bad investment to pay the John Deere service folks once every other year to make sure it gets done right.)

Doggy Visitors
While cleaning up the yard this weekend, portions of the neighbor's dog pack stopped by to say hello. The Dachsund has never before come into the yard. Usually he just barks at the edge of the fence while the other dogs explore. This weekend, he actually crossed the fence line all by himself. He continued to bark whenever I stopped to look at him, but wandered into the yard, wagging his tail the whole time. He never did get up the nerve to come up to me and say hello, but he got within 10 feet of me on his foray through the new smells and roamed all over the back yard.

Later the three black labs wandered back through the yard after finishing their neighborhood exploration. One of them even looped back warily to sniff my hand before continuing on to the farm. I'd have scritched his ears, but he didn't get that close and seemed very nervous/fearful, with his tail tucked under and his head down. Maybe next time he'll be bolder. The three of them apparently found some lovely smelly things along the fence line because I found several areas where they were digging stuff up. I can only hope they found a mole or three.


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