Weekend Accountability

On Friday, a message board I frequent had a thread about what people were planning to accomplish over the weekend, with the direction to post again on Monday and share how our weekend plans fared when confronted with reality. Here was my list:
  • clean up computer room, removing old hardware and detritus.
    {reward for cleaning up computer room is to use new shiny Mac Mini delivered on Thursday}
  • workout x 3
  • watch 2-4 episodes Firefly on Hulu
  • mow lawn and mulch trees (if weather permits)
  • wash, fold and put away laundry
  • cook meal to use for lunches next week
  • empty dishwasher and clean kitchen
  • vacuum carpets and mop floors
  • sort through at least two boxes of stuff in garage/storage room
  • haul load of stuff to GoodWill
  • get RMA from New Egg and re-pack parts for shipment on Monday
  • return library books
  • pay bills and balance checkbook
  • tidy up living room and clean off desk there
  • finish up the socks I'm knitting

    I'd really like to plant early stuff in my veggie garden and dig the grass out from around the raspberry and blackberry brambles, but I think it'll be too wet for that this weekend.

I have managed to accomplish nearly the entire list of things. I'm sure I'll get the remainder of the list finished today. So far, the weather has been incredibly cooperative, which has helped me greatly. I spent most of yesterday outside weeding, mulching and planting flowerbeds, which might well count as a workout in itself, given that I hauled several 40 pound bales of peat moss around the yard. In a little while, I'll mow the lawn and finish mulching the trees and brambles.

It's amusing to me how much more productive I am when I post my "Things to Get Done" list on the internet, instead of just writing it down for me on paper.


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