A Most Excellent Road Trip

My sister and I had fun trekking around Nashville on Saturday. I picked her up at her conference around 1:30 in the afternoon. After stopping by her hotel to change clothes, we took off for a bit of shopping. Our first destination was Haus of Yarn for some sock and lace yarn, followed by Target in a search for jeans and pants. The first stop was very successful, the second stop was not. After shopping and a brief detour to look at historic houses, we headed over to Centennial Park to see The Parthenon.

We discovered there was an Earth Day festival going on. There were some gorgeous tulips too.

We saw a toddler being toted over his dad's shoulder (with dad and toddler laughing the whole time) and a neato painted van.

We also saw a UPS minivan, which neither of us had ever seen before. It seemed so small and dainty compared to the usual UPS delivery trucks.

For dinner we headed to Jack's Barbecue, which Jo thought was delicious albeit much smokier in flavor than she's used to. We then wandered down to the river and back up 2nd Street for a bit of people watching.

The highlight of the day occurred when we returned to our car, parked across the street from the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. There was a wedding party taking pictures outside the Center. As we pulled out of the parking space, Jo's attention was captured by a flame red head of hair and took a closer look. Then she gasps, because she thinks it might be Wynonna Judd, but then decides it couldn't possibly be her. I said "Why not? She lives near Nashville." On the second time around the block, Jo decided it was definitely Ms. Judd, but didn't get a picture taken. On the third time around the block, we did get a picture taken, but Ms. Judd was no longer there. It was a fun adventure anyway and we laughed a lot at our silliness.

We ended the day by going to see Duplicity, which was quite a decent movie. The pace dragged a little bit in spots, the dialogue was pretty predictable and the acting wasn't as smooth as other performances I've seen from Julia Roberts or Clive Owen, but the plot was decent and the ending was excellent. I hadn't realized how akwardly Ms. Roberts walks in heels. At times, she almost lumbers in a manner reminiscent of Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in Some Like It Hot, then at other times, she's quite graceful.

Sunday morning, we got up early as Jo needed to get to the airport for an early flight. I was back home at 9:30 in the morning and jumped right into cleaning house and finishing up laundry. By 11am, I had everything done for the weekend, which rather left me at a loss for things to do the rest of the day. I need to work on structuring my free time. I don't know what to do with myself if I run out of things to do on the Things To Get Done list. I did spend about ninety minutes confirming that there was indeed NOTHING to watch on TV, then I took a nap. There wasn't much on TV after my nap either, so I ironed clothes before switching my attention to Hulu.

I may need to work on how my garden drains. It rained pretty hard most of Sunday and I've discovered there's a bit of a stream running through the northwest corner of the plot. There is a bit of a stream flowing into the middle of the garden too, but that's less of a concern to me. The corner stream actually runs across the yard and off into the neighboring property. That corner may stay wet for a long time too since it's a low spot.

With any luck, the rest of the week will be dry and I'll be able to start planting this weekend. Lowe's has pineapple sage plants again this year. I think I'll get four of them this time. The thrived last summer, they attracted hummingbirds and they smell *wonderful*!

How Could I Resist?!

I had to bring this little guy home with me. I now have a porch duckling. Naturally, I named him Quacky.


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