Must Get My Eyes Checked

It's not as bad as it sounds, but I am on my last disposable contact lens for my right eye. I'd rather not be half blind before I make the appointment. I have discovered in the past year or so that I very much dislike disposable lenses. I realize that they are supposed to be more comfortable than regular daily wear lenses, but there is a distinct difference in comfort between my left and right eyes (daily wear and disposable lenses, respectively), with the left eye being much more happy, especially by the end of the day. I also rub my right eye a heck of a lot more, which leads to eye irritation, not to mention smudged mascara. (While any degree of smudged mascara is sub-optimal, it would at least look better if BOTH eyes were smudged, not just the right one.)

Day 3 of Low Fat Vegan Food

Today's breakfast was again oatmeal with blackberries and I added a couple teaspoonsful of ground flax seed. Lunch was mixed frozen veggies and a bowl of veggie-adzuki bean-black bean chili, with an apple for dessert. Dinner was more refried bean and mushroom, onion and chipotle soft tacos with salsa. A little bit later I had a bowl of frozen corn cooked with some Old Bay Seasoning for a kick to the flavor.

Today's craving was for cucumber rolls. I got a text message about wasabi and all I could think of was sushi. I have nori and wasabi powder. Just need to track down a cucumber and some short-grain brown rice. I haven't made cucumber rolls in probably a year. I may add that to the menu for the week after next. Next week's menus is already booked solid. I think I'll make a meat(less) loaf on Sunday and then eat meat(less) loaf and meat(less) loaf sammiches. I really really like Ezekiel 4:9 sesame bread. It makes great toast and I think it would make a marvelous meat(less) loaf sammich with some lettuce and spicy mustard. (Yes, I'm still on a kick about sesame-flavored things.)

Hooray for Me!
I just paid off my car. With any luck, the deities in charge of such things will keep it from getting destroyed in the next two years. My tax return showed up today as well, so I'll be paying off my birthday trip expenses in one large chunk. Now that I have some extra cash each month, thanks to a missing car payment, I'll be hammering hard at my one credit card balance and get it off the books by the end of the year. Even more Yay! Then I'll really hammer on building up my savings so that I have 6-8 months salary stockpiled. After that, I'll be taking aim at either my mortgage or my student loans, depending upon which has the higher interest rate. w00t! I feel like such a grown-up! :-)


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