I No Longer Love Cheese \o/

On a whim, I purchased a block of sharp Cheddar cheese at the beginning of the week. I thought it would be nice to have a cheese sammich with mustard and caramelized onions for dinner this week. I happily made myself a sammich and took a nice biiiiiiiiig bite. Meh. I think it would have tasted better if I'd just eaten the bread, onions and mustard without the cheese. I tried just nibbling on some cheese a few days later. Nope. Still not really tasty. And it's a cheese that I used to find really delicious. (Delicious enough that I'd eat a whole pound of it in just a few days.) Not only did the cheese not taste very good, my head is also stuffed up and I feel sluggish, which seems to be a result that is consistently correlated with consuming lots of dairy products.

This was the first time I've purchased cheese in several months. Lately, even when eating out, I don't eat much cheese or I order my meal without cheese. I think it's a safe bet that I won't be buying cheese again, unless I need cream cheese for baking. Now the only animal products I'm consuming on a regular basis are honey, non-fat dry milk powder (in my coffee or mixed with liquid for baking) and eggs (mostly in baked goods, but sometimes in an omelet), plus whatever hidden animal products are masquerading in commercially prepared foods. Yay!

Speaking of changing eating habits, there's another 50-something year old co-worker's relative who had a 90+% blockage of the left anterior descending (LAD) artery, aka The Widowmaker. Unfortunately, the surgeon couldn't insert a stent and the lining of the artery was damaged during the unblocking procedure, which may or may not lead to scarring and further flow problems. My whole purpose in dramatically reducing my fat intake is to PREVENT placque deposits, so I don't have to have a coronary catheterization procedure. EVER. I'm not interested in having morbidity start in my 50s and then limp through the rest of my life. I'd rather be completely healthy (or at least free of cardiac problems) and active until at least my 80s and preferably until my 90s. I do NOT want to end up a spectator in life and watch from the sidelines. The means to accomplish this aren't terribly onerous and the ends certainly justify them, IMO.

Now I just need to finish fixing my Mac and I'll have a completely successful week! (The new video card came and I STILL can't get a monitor to work. I'm now operating under the hypothesis that the motherboard battery has died. After that, I'll have to resort to taking the machine to a repair person for further diagnostics. I am NOT going to put a new motherboard into a 5 year old Mac.)


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