I'm Sure It's a Coincidence....

I just paid off the credit card I use to make purchases and now the Bank of America website is having problems. Oopsies.

I may be offline again for the next day or two, while I re-install Windows on my laptop. While getting things updated, I managed to damage the registry that controls my CD/DVD-RW in my laptop, probably when I was trying to update drivers. Needless to say, this borks my ability to install the rest of the software I would like to use. I'd rather not re-install the world again, but it's probably the best way to make sure I end up with a stable system at the end of the exercise. I'd rather re-install everything now than end up re-installing everything several months down the road, possibly after losing data.

Today I debated going out to the bookstore for coffee and reading, but with the weather starting out as rain until noon and finishing with dropping temperatures and rain/snow/sleet this afternoon, I think I'd rather stay indoors and read or spin/knit. I may decide to have a Thin Man or Lord of the Rings movie marathon while I'm at it.


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