Break Time!

I made a big dent in the mess also known as my knitting/weaving/fiber room. Nearly everything in there is stored inside big Rubbermaid bins. The problem is that I still have too many bins and too much stuff. Until now, I've been unwilling to part with any yarn or fabric. I actually started filling up a bin today with various balls of yarn to take to the GoodWill store. Most of it is yarn that was given to me and I don't expect to ever use. I worked at it in small chunks of time and only worked on one bin at a time. The room is now much neater than it was when I started and I didn't run out of motivation part way through the job!

On top of all that, I have managed to get rid of approximately 35 pounds of stuff today, between the stuff piled in my car for the GoodWill store and the stuff I put in the trash. I added to the pile of paper recycling as well. I also discovered today that Office Depot does electronics recycling!! I may just have a way to get rid of the old Zip drives, cables, keyboards, CRT monitors and other tech garbage. All I have to do is buy a box, load it up and take it back to Office Depot. They'll ship it and have it munched up into useful stuff. Yay!

Blind Mac Still Blind
Well, I've just about run out of ideas for how to fix my Mac. I've put in a new video card. Nothing. I put in a new motherboard battery. Nothing. I've zapped the PRAM. Nothing. About the only thing left to try would be replacing the logic board. This is an expensive exercise and probably not worth throwing more money into a machine that's >5 years old, even if it is a pretty computer and a nice monitor. Now I have to figure out a way to get the data off of it. I'm also going to have to kiss about 5 months of e-mail goodbye since I doubt that any other e-mail client will be able to deal with Apple Mail files. Every freaking time I change machines and e-mail clients I lose e-mail due to incompatibilities. If I knew how to program anything, I'd make an e-mail program interconversion utility.

On that note, I'm going to make myself an omelet and call it a day. Throwing stuff out makes me tired.


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