Day 1 Complete!

I made it through the first day with no added sugar, no added fat and no animal products! I had oatmeal with blackberries for breakfast, along with some black coffee (had about 1/2 tsp Splenda in the first mug and no sweetener in the second). Lunch was bean/veggie chili, cauliflower and an apple. Dinner was a new recipe for soft tacos with mushrooms, onions and chipotle peppers. I made the tacos with some fat-free refried beans too. I should have had some veggies and fruit for dinner, but I wasn't really hungry. I also made a pot of sesame-spinach soup for later this week. I don't think I'm eating enough green stuff these days.

Last weekend I made some seitan. I haven't yet figured out what I'll do with it. I might make some BBQ sauce and try it baked in sauce. I also have a recipe for Szechuan Tofu that would probably work just fine with seitan chunks in place of the tofu. My favorite Chili-Lime Tofu recipe from Vegan Yum Yum would probably work ok with seitan too. I should probably freeze about half the seitan I have, since I probably won't get it all eaten before it becomes a science project. I've not even tasted any of it yet. I may discover that I cannot stand either the taste or the texture of the stuff. It's all just an adventure, isn't it? :-)

One thing I did really want this afternoon was a crunchy snack. The vending machine was out of pretzels, which is just as well. I got to thinking about healthy crunchy snacks and decided that some whole grain crackers with hummus and cucumber or red bell pepper slices would have been delicious. A cracker with sun-dried tomato spread (with or without hummus) and the veggies would have been awesome too. I'll have to consider snack options when I shop on Friday. Thanks to Stefaneener's suggestion, I'll track down lunch-sized soy milk cartons too. Yummy!


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