Interesting Overheard Comment

"I don't know what the bank's problem is. Just because my kid and kid-in-law don't have jobs doesn't mean they shouldn't loan them the money to buy a house."

And people wonder why the housing market tanked because of bad mortgage lending decisions? O.o

I dunno about you, but if I didn't have a job *in hand*, I'd seriously consider finding a job my first priority, then buy a house as a reward for finding the job(s). Then again, maybe these kids have relatives who will pay the bills for them if the job thing doesn't work out before the payments start or they've already won the lottery (surely there's some place on a mortgage application to put down your net worth when you don't have a job, but do have oodles of money).


I am having major pancake cravings tonight. Nice, hot, slightly gooey in the middle pancakes with fruit. I suspect this is partly due to my discovery today that I've been eating a whopping 900-1000 calories a day this week. That's really not good. Definitely need to work on getting that to at least 1500 and probably 1700 would be better if I keep working out consistently. It's not quite a pancake, but perhaps I'll have a bit of peanut butter toast as an after dinner snack.


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