Shaking Things Up

Well, it would seem that the horoscope predictions for this year are so far working out as predicted. Things be a changing....

I had a new project dropped on me yesterday by the unit director. Uber Boss and another colleague had identified a problem at getting some data to spit out the information they need. What makes this cool is that Uber Boss immediately thought of me when trying to figure out how to get said information out of said data. *blushes*

Today I was asked to join the editorial board of a statewide newsletter. I'll get to write and edit articles on various topics (who determines topics is unclear at the moment). The production and layout end of things will be done by other folks, which is absolutely fine by me. I'd rather write/edit than fiddle and make things look pretty.

Yesterday I also received notice from the US Navy that I am indeed qualified for the position I applied for a few weeks ago. No word yet about any further progression in the job evaluation process, just that my resume/transcript has been vetted and found to apparently be sufficient. Interesting....

Body Part Update:

The shoulder appears to be getting a whole lot better. I've done some tentative lifting of various things lately (the oatmeal box back to the top of the fridge) and haven't had any twinges. I'm not going to push it, but ye olde shoulder appears to be on the mend.

The knee is also cooperating. It never hurt, but it was swollen and felt tight. I gave it about 20 minutes on the trainer tonight followed by about 20 squats and didn't have any problems at all. I'll have a couple ibuprofen tonight to keep any inflammation down, but I think it's good too. Mind you, the knee grinds and crunches like mad when I do squats and probably also when I bicycle, but it doesn't hurt.

Eating Well
I'm back on the vegetarian bandwagon again, even before the latest meat recall. I've known for years that the food inspection system is broken and ineffective. So has much of industry. I'm surprised that nobody has really mentioned the conflict of interest inherent in the US Department of Agriculture. The same agency is responsible for promoting agriculture/agricultural products, for promoting/publishing human nutrition guidelines, and for inspecting the meat, dairy and egg products we eat. (FDA handles inspection for the other food stuff.)

Lunches are again big salads with frozen vegetables and fruit. Dinner is soup with whole grain bread. Breakfast is the usual oatmeal. For snacks I have my favorite Berries GoMega Odwalla bars, wasabi peas and more fruit. I'll be phasing out my daily Diet Pepsi too and replacing it with hot tea.

And now I'm off to watch the eclipse, assuming the clouds cooperate.


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