Idiot Alert!

First, if you are driving and using one hand to talk on the cell phone, then choose to use the other hand to fluff your hair and pick your teeth, just what body part are you using to steer your vehicle? And please tell me that you are at least occasionally watching the road and not yourself in the rearview mirror. All I can say is that she must have looked at the road at least once because she didn't rear-end me, but I was expecting to be hit based on how much she was swerving in the lane behind me.

Second, if you have a travel mug that is still 1/3 full of coffee, please be advised that it may leak if you put it in your backpack and then lay your backpack flat. Fortunately I didn't put my travel mug in the part of my backpack with my library book and very little coffee actually spilled, but it could have been bad.



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