Hooray! The Intartoobz are back!

My internet service was restored today. Yay! I was worried I'd be stuck having to actually clean my house this weekend, instead of catching up on e-mail, blogging, reading my favorite comics and surfing the internet.

I'll post pictures of the storm damage tomorrow. I've been exhausted the past few evenings, going to bed between 8 and 9pm. Last night I'm not even sure I made it to 8pm. Woke up at 1:30am, but only took about 20 minutes to go back to sleep. This morning I was actually fairly rested, so that was good. I got through the whole day without being tired at all, until I got home and the clock hit about 6pm. Then I got exhausted again.

Drive-by Cookie-ing!
I have been trying for three days to give homemade chocolate chip cookies to the utility crews and law enforcement folks at the command post a mile from my house. The traffic was either too heavy and there wasn't a place to pull off safely or there wasn't anybody standing around who appeared to be a good candidate to receive a bag of chocolate chip cookies. Until this morning. Of course there wasn't really anybody there at 7:30 this morning but the sheriff's department mobile command center. The two guys inside thought they could manage to put the cookies to good use and thanked me. I thanked them for staffing the command post since Tuesday night and for doing the job they do.

I still have one bag of cookies left and I'll drop them off at the power company office on Monday. The power at my house was restored on Wednesday night and I suspect the power crews worked all night. Thursday night the staging corner was overrun by AT&T trucks. Tonight it was power trucks everywhere and one cable truck. If I had to guess, I'd say the power guys were running "real" cables to replace the splices.

I really want to drive through the neighborhood and check out the local damage, but the only chance I've really had to do that has been after work, when traffic and utility crews have been at their peak, making rubbernecking a bad idea. Perhaps in the morning when I head in to buy groceries, the traffic will cooperate more. The two grocery stores I would frequent happen to each be on the edge of disaster areas, so either way I end up getting into it there too. I'd rather avoid the clean-up zones but it looks like I won't really be able to miss it.

In the meantime, I think I'll go to bed.


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