It's Tuesday, therefore the weather must suck!

Last week it was thunderstorms, wind and a tornado. This week it's freezing rain and sleet. The high temperature today was 63 degrees at midnight. When I left work at 4:30 it was 29 degrees. And raining lightly so as to more carefully glaze the roads. I scurried my little self home carefully and started downing large amounts of hot beverages to stay warm. Now I just need to pick the DVD or book for the evening.

Overheard conversation of the day:
I don't remember it exactly, but the gist of it was that people who decide to not have children should think about all the people who cannot have children and reconsider having children.

I am hoping I zoned out on part of this statement. Those of us who don't have kids are some how being offensive? Women are somehow obligated to have offspring or we're being rude? I have a reproductive tract, therefore I must use it? Hey, I don't want a kid, but I'll just pop one out so as to not offend someone. Gee, wouldn't you want to be *that* child. Ugh.

What made this conversation even more absurd was that the next discussion was to blast the women who "pop out kids all the time". Apparently women are obligated to reproduce but only within certain pre-determined parameters. There was no mention regarding the "proper" number of offspring a woman is supposed to have or when they are supposed to be produced, although disparaging noises were made when one of the conversants mentioned that they knew a woman who had a baby at the age of 43, so I'm guessing that is "too old".

Recent reading:
I just finished "The Good Eater" by Ron Saxen. It's a memoir/autobiography of a guy who was a binge eater. Given that the vast majority of persons with eating disorders are women, I think it's an important book. It was interesting to read about his disordered relationship with food and the events in his life that contributed to that relationship. The good news is that he eventually worked his way out of it, though precisely how that happened was a bit nebulous. The end of the book got a bit thin on details and seemed rushed.

I'm also reading (Not That You Asked) by Steve Almond. It's a collection of essays. The first one is a series of letters he "wrote" to Oprah. Very cynical sense of humor. Good bedtime or lunchtime reading. I'm partway through the second essay, which focuses on Kurt Vonnegut and the author's attempts to score an interview.

My lunchtime reading is about John Snow, cholera, water quality and public health. I can't remember the name of it though and the book is still at work.


Stefaneener said…
You so obviously have to stop listening to people. While I have lots of thoughts about reproduction and the rights/privileges of deciding to or not to, I don't inflict them on people.

It just makes you crazy.

And I'm probably going to be fertile for, oh, forever, so maybe I should pop just one more out! Heee.

Thing 4 came along when I was 42 -- don't tell your local idiots.

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