Weekend Eating

During the week, I eat mostly good, healthy stuff--soups, salads, veggies. Weeknight evenings I eat a lot of refried bean soft tacos (beans, salsa and jalapeno slices on corn tortilla), hummus "wraps" (homemade hummus with baby lettuces on a corn tortilla) and oatmeal.  On weekends, things aren't quite so healthy.  Lately I've been doing some baking, so that means eating cookie dough.  Sometimes I forget to eat breakfast.  Other times I forget to eat dinner.  Occasionally I'll eat up the last of the lunch leftovers, but I rarely have what I would call a real or good meal.  Few vegetables or fruits. A whole batch of baking powder biscuits (over two days). An occasional whole frozen pizza.  Lots of fat and sugar.

I wonder how much better I would feel at the end of a weekend if I ate consistently well all seven days of the week.  My meal planning seems to skip the weekends.  The odd thing is that I actually do my cooking for the week during the weekends. I just don't tend to eat the "good stuff" at that time.  Next week I'll include weekend meals in my menu planning and I'll work more on stopping for lunch and dinner at reasonable times instead of just waiting until I'm long past needing to eat and feeling awful.


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