Pity Party Over. Time to Paint.

Ok. After spending most of last night and part of today feeling sorry for myself, I'm attempting to kick that to the curb.  I did have a bit of a frustrating conversation with one of my bosses, but at least I've been reassured that I'm not going to get into trouble for not having anything to do with the vaccination program. I've stated several times that I don't know what jobs/tasks need to be done, but that I would like to fill my day with work.  Every time I ask what else I can do to keep busy I am asked what I'd like to do.  The answer is that I'd like to do something *useful* to the department. Ideally I'd like it to involve some data analysis, but there doesn't seem to be much interest in the results of analysis and I'm not really keen on doing a bunch of work if nobody is going to bother to use it. (To me that would be work which is *not* useful to anyone.)

So, I've decided to paint my kitchen.  I went ahead and bought paint to do the bedrooms too.  I held off on buying paint for the trim because I couldn't decide if the current trim paint is semi-gloss or high gloss.  I've since decided that it's high gloss and I'll go get more paint next week.  I won't be painting the trim/baseboards until the walls are done anyway.  Now if the weather would only cooperate, I might actually get my deck and fence stained.

And now, to complete the re-balancing of my attitude/self, I present a short list of things for which I am grateful:
  • warm socks on a cold, dreary, rainy day
  • a healthy strong body
  • random text message hugs
  • splendid sunsets with rich golden light highlighting the autumn leaves against a backdrop of dark clouds


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