Snapshots from the Week

This weekend I am staying inside. First, it's very humid outside thanks to last night's thunderstorm and the impending storms for today. Then, there's the accumulation of several weeks of housework that I've been avoiding. You see, I haven't been a very good FlyBaby. I have done my personal routines, more or less, on a daily basis, but I haven't kept up with the weekly tidying and cleaning. On top of that, I haven't even looked at the Zone tasks in months, except the one day that I swept the front porch. So here's what is on my plate for today.....

I will finish my laundry, including the folding and putting away of said laundry. As you can see, there is quite a mound of clean clothing accumulated from the past few weeks. Then there is the vacuuming, dusting and general tidying up. Hot spots have begun to develop again. These are places where I set things down, meaning to work further with them or meaning to find them a "real" place to be put. Except that often the stuff just sits there. I also have some cards and letters to write that I have put off for several weeks now. The writing thing I know is a perfectionism issue. I don't really have to write a publication ready note or even a solid school-type essay. Rambling on in a conversational manner would be just fine, I'm sure. Finally, I need to figure out what to do with the two printers sitting in the living room. They either need to be put away or they need to go to the GoodWill store. Given that I don't really need more than one printer here, I think they'll need to go to the GoodWill store.

What I have already accomplished includes adjusting pool chemicals (overnight there was a lovely algal bloom and now the pool is a beautiful lime green color), checking air conditioning ducts for holes, baiting the attic mice, grocery shopping and cleaning the kitchen.

If I accomplish everything else today, I will reward myself with a trip to BestBuy tomorrow so I can purchase a hard drive enclosure. I need to move my biggest HD out of my old gaming computer and add it to my Mac Mini. I'll install WinXP on the external drive so I can have a dual boot Mac and still play my favorite computer games. Of course, that's really just more work. I really should come up with a reward that isn't more work.

A Selection of Photos....
First, the short bus parade, making a refueling stop
They are new buses on a roadtrip to their new homes. They were NOT, as my sister hypothesized, coming to take me away.

This is the next section of the yard which needs to be fixed. It's the corner next to the deck.
On the left, near the end of the deck, is the birdfeeder. There are holly bushes at the base of the deck which will need to be moved. I figure I'll make a nice curved bed so that it'll be easier to mow around. I have no idea what I'll plant in it. Behind the half-bag of peat moss are two small Rose of Sharon bushes. Ideally they need to be moved farther apart and also further away from the house. I could use the holly bushes as a border in the new bed, but that doesn't seem quite right.

Calla Lilies


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