The Downside of Not Using Your Brain Regularly....

is that you sometimes forget to use it at all.

I very nicely told a co-worker that they might want to roll up the windows of their car before it rained but failed to remember I left my windows all open about 1 1/2 inches. (DOH!) Fortunately I hadn't left the sunroof open. I did, however, end up with a damp behind on the left side by the time I drove home. Hopefully the next couple of days will be hot and dry so I can leave the windows cracked again and cook out the excess moisture. I'll pick up some DampRid and seal it into the car over the weekend to finish pulling the dampness out.

While blowdrying my hair at the gym, I discovered a discolored area on the side of the t-shirt I chose to wear to work. It looks as though the laundry detergent pooled and removed some of the dye. Of course there was no time to go home and change before work. Fortunately I had an overshirt to wear which neatly covered the problem area.

After getting home from work and investigating how wet the inside of my car is, I discovered an 8" x 3/4" spring laying under the passenger-side front seat of my car. Fishing around under the seat with my hands, I am unable to figure out where the spring came from. When I go around to the driver's seat and read underneath, the spring on that side just falls into my hand. There is no useful information in any of the VW repair forums about the mysterious springs. While looking this information up, I discover a big glob of grease on the belly of the previously discolored t-shirt. This is the second work t-shirt in two weeks that I've killed. (The first one got grass stains on it.) I really must remember to change into my grubby clothes when I get home from work BEFORE I go play in the dirt, grease and muck.

I'm going to bed early, before I find some other not-so-smart place to not use my brain.


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