So today started to have a hiccup in the middle, but shortly after I decided to shrug it off and keep going, things turned around. I might have to ponder that a bit....

On the Home Front
It rained yet again. I could have probably mowed today, but with no rain in the forecast for the next few days, I thought it wiser to wait until tomorrow. With an extra day of drying, I might not end up with clumps of grass clippings causing dead spots in the lawn and one more day of growing won't make the lawn look any worse than it looks now.

The blackberries are starting to ripen. Today I was able to pick a handful of mixed berries--red raspberries, black raspberries and blackberries. I'll eat them in my oatmeal tomorrow morning, right after I wash off the mud. Hopefully my upcoming out of town trip won't keep me from harvesting many berries.

One of the Rose of Sharon has started to bloom. This is the largest of the five plants. I don't know that the other four are large enough or old enough to flower yet. I like the darker red at the center of the blossom.

I have decided to stop mowing this section of my lawn. It's not even grass any more. It's a nearly solid section of violets. The corner they fill is shaded most of the day. I don't expect grass to ever do well. It may take some doing to figure out how to shape a flower bed around the violet patch and make it look nice. It will also take some doing to figure out how to contain the violets only in the area I want them.

I found this little toadstool growing among the dead poison ivy vines growing on one of the sweet gum trees. I can just picture a tiny person living in the toadstool on this craggy cliff of bark and vines.

Perhaps one of these tiny people from the Polyphonic Spree game Quest for the Rest.


Stefaneener said…
Only if the tiny person isn't allergic to poison ivy!

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