I Realize This Violates the Female Code, But.....

I cannot stand Pride and Predjudice. I reserve judgement on the rest of Jane Austen's works. I own a copy of Sense and Sensibility, but have yet to read it. My complaint about P and P is largely the shallowness of the Bennett women and particularly Elizabeth's penchant for jumping to conclusions and passing harsh judgements on those around her. She's an unpleasant snob. Perhaps not quite so snobby and stuck-up as Miss Bingley, but still not terribly likeable in my opinion. Her only saving grace is that she does realize the error of her judgements and actions, but it's awfully painful to wade through nearly the entire book to get to that point.

It may well be that Ms. Austen is intending to highlight the shallowness and frivolity of society at the time, but her writing lacks the sarcasm and zing of Edith Wharton. To me Austen provides more simple narrative, rather than cutting commentary. I'd rather have the latter, I'm afraid.

As far as the movie versions go, I must say I still prefer the Lawrence Olivier/Greer Garson version over all the subsequent re-makes. Mr. Olivier fills the role of Mr. Darcy with the perfect combination of sophistication, grace, regret and discomfort.

Speaking of Lawrence Olivier....the last time I watched Wuthering Heights, it occurred to me that Viggo Mortensen might make a darn good Heathcliff. He's definitely capable of a good brooding, moody role.


Anonymous said…
Read "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" if you're looking for the elegant style of Austin mixed with some good old fashioned feminist kick-ass. And zombies!

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