Georgia was fun!

I have returned from my trip to Tbilisi, Georgia.  Here are a few pics from my adventures.

I met a bunch of new co-workers that I'll be collaborating with on this project for the next five years.  I ate some absolutely delicious Georgian food, including khachapuri (a sort of sauceless cheese pizza), lobio (savory baked beans served in a clay pot), cold cooked eggplant with walnut paste and delicious cucumber/tomato salads.  The breads are fabulous too.  You can never have too much good quality bread. Most meals are served family style and there is always plenty to eat.  Despite eating what I thought was a lot of food, I managed to lose a pound or two while I was away.  Now that I'm back, I've been hitting the gym pretty regularly and am continuing to lose a bit each week.  I go back in mid-July so would like to see how fit I can get between now and then, just to give myself more wiggle room for having more excellent food.


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