Definite Workout Payoffs!

Had my last scheduled session with my trainer today.  We did measurements.  Since the beginning of the month I've lost 1% body fat!!  Dropped almost an inch off my waist too.  I can't remember the magnitude of loss on the other measurements, but I lost at least a little everywhere.  I know I feel stronger in the past couple weeks, just from doing a total body weight workout 2x a week.

And then my trainer worked me half to death as a reward.  I hates the stair machine. Absolutely hates it.  I can only hope my hamstrings are still loose enough in the morning that I can straighten my legs.  My quads and glutes are going to kill me if I have to walk with bent knees all day.  I definitely need to work my back and stretch my chest tomorrow.  Today's workout was all up front and a tight chest means I slouch forward.  Maybe I'll do some crunches and planks too.


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