This Week's Random Observations

Newspaper Headline of the Week:
Ship strayed from course before spill, records show

Thank you, Captain Obvious! I hope it was off course, given that it HIT A BRIDGE. I don't know much about ships, shipping or sailing, but I'm pretty sure that you don't usually have obstructions in the middle of your course, any more than you'd put a highway bridge support in the traffic lane. But that's just my logic applied to the situation.

Football Saturdays
I realized today that I have actually watched more University of Illinois football games since I moved from Champaign-Urbana than I did while living in Champaign-Urbana AND going to all the games for over five years. You see, when I went to the games I was working as an EMT. I wasn't able to pay as much attention to the game. It's rather difficult to watch the game when you're on the ground with someone who has passed out due to excessive alcohol consumption, a heat emergency or low blood sugar. First of all, you're preoccupied and then everybody else in the stands is blocking your view. There were several games where the middle two quarters and the halftime show were completely missing. Those were the games with lots of medical calls and lots of running around the Stadium from the main stands to the balcony. I will admit to a certain amount of smugness when 18-20 year old students were struggling to keep up with my 30+ year old "ancientness" running up the stands half a dozen times. Heh.

Anyway, I do miss being able to watch the halftime shows. The Illinois marching band puts on a great show. Too bad more of the halftime show doesn't actually end up on TV.

Major Productivity
I didn't mean to get up early. I woke up at my usual Saturday morning 6am and rolled over to turn on the radio. About fifteen minutes later my brain realized I was hearing SILENCE. For the second morning in a row, my local NPR station, WKNO, had dead air instead of Morning Edition. I got aggravated enough by this that I got up and e-mailed them that I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. Since I was at the computer, I fired up iTunes and cranked up WILL-AM to get my morning NPR fix. While I was up, I read the rest of my e-mail, made a pot of coffee, fixed a bowl of oatmeal (and abandoned it in the microwave) and found myself cleaning the house. In two hours I managed to accomplish the following: clean one full bathroom, handwash 6 pair of socks, vacuum the house, sort the clothes into laundry loads and sweep/mop the kitchen floor. I also took a shower and made my bed. Now I'm watching the Illini kick the bahookie of the Northwestern Wildcats and knitting on the Kiri shawl.

Later this afternoon, I'll get the laundry done and do some baking. It's pretty chilly in here, so it seems like a great day to fire up the oven. I also need to clean out the fridge. There is a container with a liquid cucumber living in it and another container with homemade soup that appears to be fermenting. I think I'll carry that out to the compost pile and let it keep on fermenting. I'm pretty sure it's not really food at this point. o.O


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