Changing Lanes

For those drivers a bit unclear on the topic:

First, turn on the turn signal THEN change lanes, not the other way around.
Second, when you do change lanes, it is generally advisable for the rear end of your car to be past the front end of the car you are passing PRIOR to occupying the same space as the other vehicle. Using your mirrors and turning your head to check this distance may be useful.

Fortunately I was paying attention and was able to jam on the brakes before the white minivan removed the front end of my car. Also fortunately the vehicle behind me was not tailgating and didn't rear-end me. Swerving wasn't an option given the oncoming traffic.

The aforementioned minivan later decided it needed to drive on the shoulder to pass people on the right who were going too slow.

Several miles down the road, I caught up with the minivan. It was stuck behind a slow-moving tractor. And swerving into oncoming traffic trying to pass on a hill. What made this more pointless is that there wasn't any room in front of the tractor for the minivan to go. It would have ended up having to pass the six vehicles in front of the tractor and the tractor in front of that. Did I mention there was oncoming traffic?

When we got to the stop sign at the corner, the minivan didn't even bother hitting the brakes, just accelerated on through after the car in front of it. Cross-traffic doesn't rate its own turn apparently.

Shortly after the stop sign I turned off, so I won't ever know if the white minivan managed to run someone off the road or get into a crash. If they didn't manage it tonight, I figure they'll manage it in the next week or two.


jason said…
Down here I don't think people even know that turn signal lights exist.


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