My Forgettable Week

On Monday, I forgot to take my iPod to work so I had no mental stimulation during a day of mind numbing data entry. Today I forgot my wallet. Of course, there was a group going out to lunch today. Fortunately I found my "emergency" credit card hidden in my backpack. Otherwise I'd have had to mooch lunch money off a co-worker. I was pretty certain that no restaurant was going to make change from a $100 (stashed in my checkbook) for a $6 lunch. But it all worked out just fine. I wonder what I'll forget tomorrow. My prediction is that I forget my lunch.

Speaking of Lunch
The office group ended up at Fazoli's for fast food Italian food. I picked a small order of penne with marinara sauce. Unfortunately their pasta and bread are all made with white flour, so I got a huge dose of refined carbs. I did have them toss some broccoli on top of the pasta sauce though, so that was an improvement. The sauce was nuclear fusion hot. I tried to be patient and wait for it to cool, but I was kinda hungry. I could have eaten more, but I really didn't need more carbs. A half pound of mixed veggies or a big salad would have been fantastic.

Which reminds me, I need to go to the store tomorrow. I would have gone tonight after work, except for that pesky I-have-no-wallet-and-thus-no-identification-thing. *sigh*

Why Merging Doesn't Work Here
I figured this out this morning. It's because people drive between 5 and 8 feet off the bumper of the vehicle in front of them. Nobody actually leaves a decent following distance, so it's impossible to merge into traffic when getting on or off a highway.

The past two days I've gotten to my off-ramp just in time for the traffic light holding back traffic to let everybody go as I need to get onto the surface street. Since nobody signals when they're going to get on the on-ramp in front of me, I can't tell who might be slowing down. Of course, the drivers here also do not tend to let merging traffic go in front of them if they are cutting across to the on-ramp, like they manage to do in that legendary driving nightmare, Chicago. Needless to say, I much prefer to beat the light or to at least get to the bottom of the ramp after the bulk of the traffic has already gone past, rather than confronting the initial wall o' cars.

But, if that's the worst that happens in a given day, I can't really complain much.


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