Technology Ticks Me Off

I completely lost my patience with the network printer today. For about six months, it's been unable to print a .pdf or Excel file that is more than a few pages long. The IT folks' solution is "don't print such big files". I would be happy to go along with this if I had small datasets to work with. Today I had to split up a 20 page .pdf (about 500kb file size) in to 5 page chunks. Except that when I tried to print the fourth chunk, I was unable to even print SINGLE PAGES. How, exactly, am I supposed to print out files at a rate of less than one page at a time?

So I said something to the roving IT guy. His reply was the one mentioned above. I pointed out that that wasn't really acceptable any more given that even single pages are no longer printable and this is really starting to keep me from doing my job. So he tells me that he can't fix it and I'll have to e-mail his boss. I do that and explain that the inability to print documents is now preventing me from doing my job. I only have access to the network printer. I do NOT, like all of my co-workers, have access to a local inkjet printer. I ONLY have access to the network printer. Head IT guy replied about 4 minutes later that he had ordered a heavy-duty, high capacity printer for us, but that it won't be here for six weeks. He also told me that a replacement printer would be installed ASAP to tide us over.

I suspect I probably sounded more crabby than I really was, but being sick and being tired really helped me blow through my minimal supply of patience today.

Food Recall of the Week:

Frozen meat pizza. You'd think that frozen pizza would be cooked well enough to kill the E. coli, but maybe people picked up the bugs from the packaging or other contaminated surfaces, rather than from the cooked pizza.


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