It's *obviously* a Micro$oft product...

I have in my possession a Magic 8 ball. It was part of my 2007 Phat Lewts collection that my best buddy picked up for me at this year's SuperComputing conference. It happened to be a give-away from the Microsoft booth. Given that today was not the world's best day at work, I felt the need to ask the Magic 8 ball if tomorrow would be just like today. Seems like a good idea, right? Except that the first three times I checked the answer, what I saw was this:

Yes, sports fans, the Magic 8 Ball tried to give me two answers simultaneously. Three times in a row. Why does this make this obviously a MS product? The fact that I had to "reboot" it three times to get it to work properly. I bet I wouldn't have had to reboot if the Magic 8 ball had come from Apple.

Conference loot this year included a leather conference backpack (with embroidered logo), three or four t-shirts (including a conference shirt, a fiber team shirt, a red hat shirt and something else I can't remember), an Intel astronaut figure, a stuffed eaglet, a foam Tux penguin, iPod speakers, a bouncy ball that lights up when you throw it at things, a deck of casino playing cards in a nifty metal tin, some spiffy pens, a fancy 1GB flash drive, some spiffy key chains, a luggage tag with the SC08 logo on it and a sticky pad to put on the dash of my car to hold my phone. I also got two boxes of Odwalla bars (Banana Nut and Berries GoMega), though they're not actually from the conference. Cool stuff just rocks. Free cool stuff that someone picks up for you and then ships most of the way across the country is even better. :-)


Twitchh said…
Yay! Glad you got (and enjoyed) your lewts, Morenna! :-)

Lewts, guuuuuud......


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