Denver is *not* the place to be this week....

Well, you have to expect snow in Denver in the winter. It is up in the mountains, after all.

But then there's the zookeeper getting mauled to death by a jaguar and Bronco's running back Damien Nash dropping dead at a charity basketball event he was hosting. What the zoo officials are trying to find out is why the keeper was in the exhibit with the jaguar. Apparently that was never supposed to happen and the keeper had been briefed on those policies and procedures. The jaguar, of course, was killed. Damien Nash's death is also unclear. Most 24 year old athletes don't just fall over dead. If I had to guess I'd say sudden cardiac death which may or may not have been due to a congenital abnormality. Mr. Nash's brother received a heart transplant last month, so there is some family history of cardiac issues there.

Rebuilding the Desktop HD
My desktop machine has been acting flaky lately. Most recently, it has decided to be incapable of shutting down or restarting without having the reset button used. I decided a few weeks ago to burn it to the ground and start over. I burned a full backup to a new external USB hard drive and then cut an incremental yesterday before killing the box. Last night I restored the backups to the fresh install of XP Pro (after low-level reformat of both partitions).

None of the applications were restored. *None* of them. Apparently when the HD software says it's backing up everything it doesn't really mean *everything*. Note to self: get copy of Ghost and just blow an image on to the HD next time. On the other hand, if the problems I was experiencing were due to corrupted applications reinstalling should fix that. The downside is that I have lost the demo to Asheron's Call that I had. I will now have to wait for the full install to arrive on CD to play again.

So I'll spend today finding and re-installing all the applications. Right now I don't even have antivirus or firewall software on that box. Grrrrrr. And I *hate* Internet Explorer, which is the only browser available. It won't let me even go to the Mozilla site (or CITES) to download the good stuff. Looks like a sneakernet sort of day today.....


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