Weekend Activity

Saturday was the usual errand running. Sunday was a bit different.  Boy and I volunteered at the shooting range for a trail ride event.  Our job was to help clear the trail a bit and to keep riders on course.  In the past there were folks who wandered off course, which could be disastrous on an active shooting range.

The sunrise was gorgeous. Fortunately we didn't have to be there that early.  I spied this while having my breakfast and reading e-mail.
The day was overcast, chilly and a bit breezy.  We dumped tumbleweeds over a fence to get them out of the way and then waited for the riders. 
  Over a hundred riders passed us and everybody seemed to be having a good time.
 The whole event was over by 11:30 for us. The riding club held a chili feed in conjunction with the ride, but we decided to head back to town and our favorite Sunday breakfast spot.

Afterward Boy went to the gym.  I got all ready for the gym, thinking I'd spend 30-40 minutes on either an elliptical or recumbent.  Then I discovered that my sore spot on my foot is still sore, at least when I put on athletic shoes.  I figured it would be the better part of valor to not stress my foot.  It's really starting to bother me that, between my elbow and my foot, I can't workout.  I hate paying for the gym and not getting to go play in it.

So now I'm spending the afternoon knitting and blogging and watching NetFlix. Somehow it seems like I should be doing more.  (No, I still haven't really gotten the hang of relaxing and doing nothing.)


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