Saved from Complete Insanity!!

Once again, procrastination has saved me. The Disneyland Half Marathon is full.  My toenails are safe, at least from that race.

On a related note, the pain in my left foot, which has nastily kept me from working out since race weekend, appears to now be gone.  It has, however, faked me out before, so I'll follow my athletic trainer/nurse sister's advice and give it five full days of pain-freeness before heading back to the gym.  I've also been advised that I should spend the first several workouts on non-impact activities like the recumbent bicycle and maybe the elliptical.

Boy (who, oddly enough, has become a 4 days/week gym rat since he decided that perhaps working out might not be a completely awful experience) had suggested during my recuperation that I might try a Core workout since lifting weights was out of the question (tennis elbow diagnosis) and running/walking was bad too.  I didn't want to tempt fate and break another body part so I have been studiously avoiding exercise.  Got myself good and out of breath hustling up the steps to the 2nd floor of the library today.  Ugh. Really not looking forward to how ugly those first workouts are going to be once I get back to cardio training.  I'll be starting out at the beginning of the Couch to 5K drill again.  Ick.

Probably best I don't get to be insane with a second half marathon this year. I think I'll just "settle" for dropping my body fat percentage down to 22-ish instead and getting my bahookie through 3 miles of running non-stop on a consistent basis. That seems like a reasonable goal to reach by the end of summer.

Photo: Fleegle's Queen Susan Shawl
And, for those of you who know me well and are concerned that my shying away from crazy ideas is a sign of the Apocalypse, fear not.  I have a horribly crazy idea in my knitting/spinning life.  I'm seriously considering spinning all the yarn needed for The Queen Susan Shawl and then knitting it.  That's 6000-6500 meters of yarn not much thicker than sewing thread. The kicker is that it needs to be a two-ply yarn, so I'll actually spin 13000 meters of even finer thread, then combine two threads into one.  If I do it right, the whole finished project will weigh 12-14 ounces.  Should take well over a year just for the spinning, assuming I keep at it consistently.  Add in another year or two for the knitting, assuming I don't set it aside for a couple years in the middle as seems to happen to my big knitting projects. But at the end of it all, I'll have a lace knitting tour de force completed and a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

So rest assured. I'm still crazy.  I'm just more mature about it and no longer go crazy everywhere all at once.  I do keep some sanity present in at least one aspect of my life at all times. I have noticed that I do seem to choose epic projects to pursue--a PhD, marathon races, a huge yard/garden, and now a huge spinning/knitting project. Next I'll have to write a big fat book. ;-)


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