The Insanity May Continue On

As you know, a couple months ago I joined a gym and re-started regularly working out.  And at the end of February, my sister and I finished the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

Today I did a silly thing.  I went to the website. There I discovered the Coast to Coast Challenge.  If I finish the Disneyland Half Marathon in this calendar year, I get a bonus medal on top of the two finisher's medals.
Yes, I am now seriously considering running the Disneyland Half in September.  If I start training now, I even have a chance of knocking an hour off my time.  Been needing to pick a new exercise/fitness goal anyway...

Now I just have to see if my finances and vacation time will allow, but I'm willing to tighten my belt, spending-wise to give it a shot.  And maybe my toenails will even have grown back by then.

Definitely crazy.


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