Washington to Washington

I spent the beginning of the week in Washington D.C. for the kick-off meeting for a new project.  It was a last minute trip when the Principal Investigator (PI) suddenly realized that he was going to be the only person there from our team.  Frankly, PI would have done his usual excellent job on his own, but I can understand wanting to have an ally present too.  I was pleased to be asked and happy to go. 

The trip was a stunning success.  PI and I made a favorable impression on our clients.  We also discussed other projects that we're involved with.  It readily became apparent that we have very compatible working styles as well as complementary research interests.  It is quite likely that we'll be collaborating quite a bit in the near future.  This will be a whole lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to it.  We've got a lot to learn from each other and I think we can accomplish much as a team.

The last day in D.C., our flights didn't leave until 5pm, so we did some sightseeing.  PI went to the National Geographic Museum and saw their DaVinci exhibit.  He said it was a really cool hands-on exhibit and he got to run around being a little kid the whole time.  I went to the Textile Museum, which was fun, but not nearly as fun as the DaVinci exhibit sounds.  I also wandered about Embassy Row a bit.  This cheery panda was outside the Laotian embassy, if I recall correctly. I ate lunch at a nice bookstore cafe in Dupont Circle before heading out to the airport.

Working Out Plan
Still no progress on this front.  I toyed with the idea of signing up for the gym this weekend, but I'll be out of town for an entire week in mid-July, so it would silly to waste that time right up front.  I'll wait until I'm back from my next cross-country business trip.  Now if only I'd get a better handle on my eating habits (which got steadily worse before I traveled to D.C.), that might help.  I missed having green monsters every morning this week.


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