And Reality Has Been Restored

Alrighty. BossLady says that there actually *is* a mechanism to cover time shortfalls when projects ebb/flow, so my hour deficit is *not* a problem. Not sure why none of my co-workers were able to remember this or perhaps I was expressing the problem in such a way that they didn't quite understand what I meant. Anyway, the problem is solved.  I get to keep my extra hour cushion and there's no bottomless hole to dig my way out of. According to BossLady, that was an easy problem to solve. Now I don't need to worry about potential future penalties for pulling down a paycheck that wasn't actually on the timesheet! Yay! 

So I'm calling an end to last night's pity party and going to go read a book or watch a DVD now. BossLady said to go home and forget about work for the whole weekend. I think that's good advice. (She's a darned smart BossLady.)  By Monday my normal good cheer should be restored, which is good, because I'm on a plane for Seattle at 6am for a one-day business trip to the rainy side of things.  Its hard to believe that flying is actually cheaper to the company than paying me to drive, but it is. Crazy.


Stefaneener said…
Generally, things work out. Happier in the new job?

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