Things Which Bug Me

It's really not a long list and most of it boils down to one simple thing: double standards.

People tell me that they are who they are and they cannot change so they get to do whatever they want. It bugs me when these same people bash others for being who they are.

It bugs me when people expect me to let them know when I'm running late (which I am happy to do as soon as I know about it), but never get around to mentioning that they are running late. These people seem to just expect that I have nothing else going on in my life so my schedule can be tromped on at will.

It bugs me that when (usually famous) people die, there is a subset of the population that takes it upon themselves to broadcast all the bad, unfortunate and negative things they can find about the deceased.  Apparently once you are dead, none of the positive things you ever attempted or accomplished in your life matter any more.  Unless you're dead a couple hundred years and get written into a history book and even that's a crapshoot depending upon who writes the book.

It bugs me when people let generalizations and stereotypes make their decisions for them rather than looking at the individuals in front of them and evaluating the person for themselves, rather than as a clone of whatever group they were lumped into.  People complain about being treated like a number by big business. It's really not that different to pass judgements based upon stereotypes.  What makes this particularly irritating thing even more irritating is that the persons who set such great store in stereotypes and defend the use of them to all comers complain bitterly when they are applied to them although anybody else who complains is just wrong.

Now I'm going off to the angry corner.  I hope you had a better weekend than I!


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