I Must Have Recovered

I got up at 7am, started laundry, had breakfast, set the crockpot up with a batch of Moroccan Lentil Stew and headed out for a full day of yard work. The primary task of the day was to divide the irises by the garage door and to move the surplus out to the former poison ivy corner. The rest of the list of things to get done includes burning the burn pile, weed whacking the edges of the lawn, weeding the front flower bed, transplanting calla lilies, dividing the irises in the front flower beds and along the side of the house and moving volunteer tree seedlings to better locations. All I managed to get done was moving irises (and some volunteer coreopsis) and burning the burn pile.

I had made a point of pacing myself this time. About every two hours I stopped for 30-60 minutes and sat inside with a cold bottle of water and something to eat. This seemed to work pretty well. I got the digging up of the irises done first thing in the morning. I had to weed quite a bit of the poison ivy corner before I could do the planting, but it needed to be done anyway. I did step on a toad I think. I put my foot down in some tall grass and there was a loud squeak. I hope I didn't hurt him very badly. I felt pretty awful about squishing him and the squeak sounded very pained and scared. I cut back the overgrown grass in that area a little while later and didn't find any flattened toads, so perhaps he was ok after all. (Actually, now that I think about it a bit more, perhaps I stepped on a mouse. I'm not sure that toads can actually squeak like a squeak toy. Either way, I hope the critter didn't suffer any serious damage beyond a terrible fright.)

Now I'm watching The Man Who Came to Dinner (with Montey Woolley, Bette Davis and Ann Sheridan) and eating a bowl of stew while I knit my sis' striped socks. It's a madcap comedy with plenty of insanity that is quite reminiscent of the Marx Brothers. (There's already been a live octopus delivered and soon a small flock of penguins will arrive.) That shouldn't be much of a surprise given that George S. Kaufman co-wrote both this movie and many of the Marx Brothers films. And as an added bit of trivia, the secretary (the furniture one, not Bette Davis) looks quite a bit like the secretary I have in my living room.

Tomorrow I think I'll start with some weeding and then I might tackle moving callas and irises. I think the callas will go in the lower, wetter and shadier end of the poison ivy corner. Hopefully I don't step on and traumatize any more toads.


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