Check That Off the List!

I was going to water the recently transplanted irises this evening after work since it appeared that the predicted rain was not going to actually arrive. Well, it's arrived in spades now. I'm hoping the deluge slackens off a bit and we get a nice steady, soaking rain for a couple hours.

Speaking of Deluges....
Somebody needs to turn off the firehose directed at my desk. I really dislike the new salmonella case report form. It's SEVEN freaking pages long and takes half an hour to interview the patient. That's not such a big deal unless you consistently get 4-5 of them a week and a stack of other stuff to interview/investigate/research in reportable disease land, not to mention H1N1 influenza, indoor mold and herding a medical resident. None of this stuff by itself is particularly onerous, just the accumulated volume is a bit too much to get done during normal working hours. This shouldn't be surprising. I am, afterall, now doing most of two people's jobs. It shouldn't be terribly surprising that I'm having to put in an extra 5 hours a week, on average, to keep pace with the influx. I'm fine with that too. It's been fun. I've learned a lot too, which is even more fun.

Tomorrow brings more interviews/investigations, plus a couple of outbreaks to write up. I'm going to ask the resident to help me track down discharge dates on a stack of MRSA inpatient reports. The boss said the resident could actually do patient interviews/case reports too so there may be some of that as well. I've got a sizeable stack of stuff to enter into the reporting system but the resident doesn't have access to the system for that stuff.

Speaking of Lists....
I need to get cracking on the de-cluttering tasks again. I haven't emptied a box a week in a long time now. Heck, I don't think I've done any of that stuff since before relatives visited in May. It's high time I got back at it, don't you think? It would be nice if the guest bedroom became usable again, just in case people decided to visit for an overnight stay.

My list of things to do around the house got a spruce up over the weekend. I had written a repair/update list a couple years ago, but got nearly everything crossed off of it. Now I have a fresh list. It's a nice mix of smaller and larger jobs. Oddly (or perhaps not oddly), the larger jobs aren't the hardest or least fun ones. I don't mind painting the fence or the baseboards. I'm not looking forward to replacing the tub faucet or drains.


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