Still No Fever

I'm thinking I have the normal garden variety cold. Since this morning, my cough has worsened and become more frequent, culminating in a protracted coughing fit after I got home. I get about 10 minutes between coughing attacks and my chest and ab muscles are now starting to hurt. I sincerely hope my cough goes to sleep when I do. I need to get some sleep tonight. I've got a site visit to do tomorrow at work. I'd rather not dump that on my co-workers since there will only be one person besides me who isn't either seeing patients or already out in the counties. If I'm out sick, the other person will have to do the site visit (which she'll gladly do) and I would feel a mite bit guilty about that (yes, even if I did cough up a lobe of my lung).

Good-Bye BravoTV
I have officially removed BravoTV from my television's memory. Once upon a time, this channel had decent programming, including, but not limited to "In the Actor's Studio" with James Lipton. Alas, those days are long gone. BravoTV is nothing but "reality" shows 24/7. I don't care to watch hours and hours of shallow irritating people wailing about how awful it is that they didn't get the handbag they wanted or that someone's party wasn't cool enough. I don't understand why the network executives feel the need to glorify so many examples of incredibly shallow overconsumption with few redeeming values, but they do. But I don't have to watch it. So I deleted it. Now I won't accidentally surf past it and be irritated by it. I feel better already.


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