ZOMG! The Prez Didn't Wear a Jacket at Work!!!

Ok folks. Does it *really* matter whether or not the President (or anybody else in the White House) is wearing a suit coat when he or she is working? I wouldn't consider the lack of a jacket as a sign that serious, productive work wasn't being done or that only informal work was being done. I'd consider it a reflection of ambient temperature or comfort. The way some news reports are discussing this development, you'd think the President was showing up in his pajamas for formal meetings and/or failing to do any work at all. It's just clothing folks! Just wait until someone finds out that the President might do homework in bed or work with his feet on his desk. I just hope the boxers vs. briefs discussion doesn't come up again. *sigh*

Today's Highlight
I have been working on the EARS project I mentioned previously, converting chief complaint information into symptoms. I wasn't sure what format the programmer needed the data in, so I sent her a question about it. She recommended one line per symptom. That would have worked fine, but the complaint data file is already 40,000 lines long and most of the complaints have multiple symptoms. The file size would have rapidly gotten out of hand.

When I first started working on the conversion, I put the complaints in one column and then started putting symptoms in column number 2, separating each symptom with a comma. Apparently the programmer hadn't thought of that and thanked me for finding a much easier way to import the data. I didn't have thought of doing it any other way, knowing that SAS can import comma-delimited data. This whole data manipulation process will be a lot of work, but the programmer assures me that it will be worth it to have a better transfer of complaints to symptoms to syndromes. I'm all for better data at the other end.

Getting Stronger
I can really tell that working out is making a difference in my strength and body. Lifting a box of paper is a piece of cake. Hauling a 40 pound bag of sunflower seeds is nothing. I can lift that with no trouble at all just with my arms. I like it. I'm hoping that muscle definition will continue to emerge all over my body as I keep going. I haven't set any strength training goals. I don't know if I will. I have set a running goal of 3-5 miles a day 4-6 days a week. That may or may not be realistic for my body and joints, but it's something to aim for and it certainly is a step along the way to getting another marathon under my belt.


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