Happy New Year!

These are my "resolutions" for 2009. These are not really new behaviors, just reinforcements of current behaviors.
  • Stop trying. Start doing.
  • Stop complaining (See here for more information.)
  • Stop hoping. Start believing.
  • Continue working out 5-6 days/week, consider running another marathon in 2010
  • Decruft my belongings, recycling/freecycling/donating where possible and practical. If I haven't used it in two years, I don't need it. I think I may start with a goal of eliminating 25-50 items from my home every month until I feel less cluttered and crowded.
  • Deplete my fiber/yarn/fabric stash by >25% through use, donation or sale
  • Keep ahead of the weeds in the veggie garden
  • Build my webdev skills and use them to supplement my income
  • Write rough draft of one chapter per month for non-fiction book I've outlined
  • Avoid procrastination
  • Encourage persistence
  • Never be bored. Boredom is the enemy.
Overall, my goal is to largely just improve my attitude and my quality of life. It seems like those two things are the underpinnings to everything else, don't you think? More importantly, there is no punishment for "failure". The idea is to encourage movement in a positive direction, not beat myself up for not being perfect. Every day is the start of a new year, not just January 1.

Saying Good-Bye to 2008
Turner Classic Movies has once again produced a year-end obituary, TCM Remembers, to honor movie industry folks who died in the past year. On a lighter note, Dave Barry has published his year in review column. Several bloggers, columnists and other pundits have described 2008 as one of the worst years ever. Perhaps they invested some or all of their assets with Mr. Madoff. I didn't think that 2008 was all that bad. Certainly it had some unfortunate moments, but on the whole I thought it wasn't too bad. Gas prices have come down. I've started working out regularly (and my clothes fit better). I'm eating more healthfully. I have excellent bloodwork numbers and I've hardly been sick. I also still have a job, a house and a car that are all pretty ok too. No, none of it is stunningly spectacularly great, but it's pretty good and I'm definitely not going to complain. I will, however, get to work on making 2009 even better. I cannot realistically expect 2009 to do the work for me. I just don't see how it could possibly have the time to do a good job. There are, afterall, billions of other people waiting on it to make their lives better too.

A Toast to 2009
This was posted to a knitting listserv by MMario, who is a friend of the author. He did not give the author's name, so I am unable to give credit where credit is due. This is not my own creation.
Here's to the health of our daughters and sons
Here's to success for less fortunate ones
Here's to the friends we've been lucky to find
the shoulders we lean on, the arms warm and kind.
May we live, may we love
May we dream, may we dare
May we look in our own hearts and find our strength there!
May we all live with laughter
and love without fear
May we all have a Happy New Year.


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