Snacks Obtained! Commence Weekend Now!

I found some Wholly Guacamole in the grocery store this evening. This is the absolute best commercially prepared guacamole that I have ever eaten (and it tastes a whole lot better than the stuff I've made). I also bought a package of corn tortillas to make baked tortilla chips to go with the guacamole. I've already got salsa for a little variety. I'm all set for a festive and tasty Super Bowl party on Sunday.

Things To Do
I'll have another weekend of clearing out clutter. I've got a stack of recipes to put in the computer, then I'll tackle the GoodWill pile and get it stuffed in the car. I might have another crack at weeding out the bookshelves or the desks (stuff on top and stuff in the drawers). I think it's time to let go of sentimental attachments. Stuff is not people or memories. Not having the stuff doesn't mean I don't like the people or the memories. It just means I don't need the clutter clogging up my life. Space for having a life now seems like a good idea, don't you think?


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