Well, That Was Rather Anti-Climactic

There will be an even longer wait for the next Triple Crown winner. Big Brown didn't run well today. He got rated back hard at the start and again a few other times in the race when he wanted to make his move too early. When jockey Kent Desormeaux did ask Big Brown to run, he just didn't fire up. You could clearly see Kent ask him to open up and exactly nothing happened. No digging in. No putting his ears back and exploding as he has done in previous races. Nothing. In the end Mr. Desormeaux eased Big Brown up and just cantered across the finish line in last place. I agree with his decision. There's no sense in making a valuable horse run hard when he's probably going to finish last anyway.

On the other hand, watching Da'Tara run was great. He just rolled along after he settled on the rail. When horses came up next to him, he opened up a wee bit, then settled again. He was still running easily and in a relaxed manner when he crossed the wire. Is he a spectacular horse? I don't know. I don't know anything about him, actually. Today, however, he was the best horse in the Belmont Stakes. Congratulations to Nick Zito, Alan Garcia and Da'Tara's connections.

Garden Planted!
I avoided the library book sale today (I don't need more books) and picked up all my garden plants instead. I now have eggplant, cucumbers, canteloupe, watermelon, zucchini and 4 kinds of peppers planted. I also got all the seeds in the ground. This is all about a month later than I really wanted to plant things, but it's not too late to get some decent veggies anyway.

Unlike past years, I even marked where I planted things, instead of relying on memory. At my mom's suggestion, I used carpentry shims for markers. They worked pretty well. They're wide enough and long enough to write in big print with a Sharpie, even when I broke a few inches off a couple of them trying to pound them into the ground.

Now I just need to buy some straw and mulch from the greenhouse/nursery place down the road and I'll be all set. They're just a couple miles away and I bet they deliver. I wasn't going to bother with mulching the garden with straw, but it'll cut down on the watering and weeding I have to do, so I think it's definitely worth the work and expense. I had intended to get everything from Home Depot, but I think it'll be easier dealing with the folks down the road instead and there's something to be said for supporting local businesses.

I finished Duma Key by Stephen King last night. It was quite good. I slept with the light on for two nights, though one of them was because I fell asleep reading. It's been a long time since I thought Mr. King produced a well-written, creepy book. This one was the usual formula, but the details were quite unexpected, though that could be due to lack of recent exposure to either Mr. King's work or the horror genre. For starters, the setting was NOT in Maine. I did, at one point, think that Perse should date Pennywise. Perhaps that will be the next book.

I really am going to vacuum this weekend. No, really. The carpet is becoming more chunks of grass and leaves than carpet.


Anonymous said…
I've almost completely given up on a garden this year. I long to have one, long to eat from my yard as we have before, but I feel so pressed for time I can't handle One More Thing. (Not just the kids.)


I applaud and envy yours.

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