New Pet!

I mowed my lawn today and made an interesting discovery when I put my lawn mower back in the garden shed. I found a snake skin. A *big* snake skin.

The longest of the two "halves" is 3 feet long. I don't know what kind of snake it is, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I know why the moles are no longer living in my yard. (Who needs Whack-A-Mole, when you can have Snack-A-Mole!) In any event, I'll be extra careful when moving stuff around in the shed. I would hate for the snake and I to surprise each other.

Mowing Reduction Plan
As I have mentioned previously, I have a large yard. It takes about 90 minutes to mow it, plus another half hour with the weed whacker. I have decided that I need to reduce my mowing, partly to save fuel, because some of the yard isn't very grassy and because I think wildflowers are a better choice for aesthetic and water use reasons. Since I have a large supply of coreopsis seed from last summer, I think I will broadcast plant an area that is about 50 feet by 20 feet along the north wall. That will cover up an area that is fairly rocky and more weeds/violets than grass. It will take a couple of months to a year to grow in well, but I think it will look good once it gets established. And it ought to save me about 15 minutes mowing time, even more if I bring the edge of the flower area out to where the trees are.


bunny said…
Hooray for snakes! We had an enormous black or bull snake living in our yard in K'ville.

I so remember the long hours of mowing. Definitely get rid of some of that, for everyone's sake.

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