"Interesting" Developments

Once again, my horoscope says "interesting" things will be headed my way, especially this week. To be precise, "if you enjoy a lot of stress, life altering choices and decisions, and change, then this is the time for you," says Alan Grey Wolf. It should be pointed out that this particular sentence/prediction is directed at *everybody*, not just my particular sign. It's good to know that the Universe isn't focusing just on me. It's also good to note that it doesn't mention that the choices, decisions and change will be bad. I figure that means there's at least an even chance that it will all be spectacularly good.

This weekend I found drowned frogs in my pool two days running. Either their suicidal or they need swimming lessons. The evening frog chorus was quiet both nights. At first I thought the croakers were the ones that drowned. Now I think the other frogs were just quiet out of respect, as the chorus returned last night. My sister thought they might have been at the wake or funeral and it just wouldn't do to croak at either of those events. One of the croakers is now croaking from near the garden shed. Hopefully he will make friends with the snake, not make a snack, though at least I won't have to bury the body if snackage occurs.

Yesterday and today I discovered that multiple computer accounts assigned to me at work were mysteriously deleted at the end of last week. Today the question was posed if I was certain that I still worked at my office. In the face of impending layoffs and budget cuts, this isn't a terribly funny joke. I sincerely hope that this was all just a case of an overzealous sys admin with the wrong list of names. I am really not keen on the option of trying to find a new job while trying to keep my head above water financially on my savings. Add onto that the possibility of trying to sell my house in the current housing market and having to find somewhere to live and there is way more "interesting" in my life than I care to experience on a regular basis. Yet for all that, "boring" and "routine" still aren't terribly interesting to me.

So I wandered out to the garden for an evening of stress management. I've got dirt crammed under at least 9 fingernails, dirt ground into my pants and dirt in my socks. I'll probably have dirt boogers in the morning too, judging from how dusty the rest of me got during a 2 hour weeding session. I worked my way through less than a quarter of the garden area, but the weeding itself when surprisingly well. Apparently the nasty Bermuda grass isn't really re-established yet, just loosely rooted in the recently tilled soil. Although it looks really overgrown, it really isn't terribly hard to rip back out. Now there is a pile of weeds and grass in the yard at the side of the garden. Tomorrow I'll rake it up and put it in the burn pile. Yes, it would save the planet from additional greenhouse gases to compost the Bermuda grass, but Bermuda grass doesn't seem to ever die in a compost pile. It just starts growing again, even when the pile gets really hot. Burning seems to kill it quite nicely and then I'll put the ashes in the garden.

So far nearly everything has sprouted or is otherwise growing. There is one pepper plant that appears to be trying to die from the wilts. The lettuce isn't sprouting like I expected and the peas didn't come up at all. I expected the poor pea performance since the seed is several years old. The lettuce might just not like the heat. I'm not sure the basil has sprouted yet either. I may overseed that area with chives. Several tomato plants already have blossoms on them. I even picked a banana pepper yesterday. I also pulled up two garlic bulbs and promptly left them lying in the yard. They need to dry anyway.

I really will have to call the nursery about straw this week and perhaps some mulch for the irises, roses and trees. The apple tree is just covered with developing fruit. Its branches are bending heavily. The pear and peach tree have a lot of fruit too. I'm really looking forward to having a peach pie. And then there's the blackberry bush. I could easily get a gallon of blackberries this year. The thing is just *covered* with berries. Yummy!!!


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