Weather Update

First, the fledgling fire station came through the apparently very windy storm without any visible damage. There were lots of damaged trees in the area, but my neighborhood did just fine.

Apparently some of the Memphis in May/Beale Street Music Festival performances on Friday night were canceled due to the weather. I elected to not go at all, mostly because the artists I was interested in seeing (Sheryl Crow and Santana) were all playing after my bedtime, though at least not simultaneously.

So, my weekend road trip headed north instead. I got to drive through two tornado warnings and some lovely heavy, driving rain. Once I got past the KY border, the storms had passed to the east, the sky was clear and the wind was calm.

The weekend away was just what I needed to re-charge my energies and rejuvenate my attitude. I hung out with Twitchh on Saturday morning, relaxed in the afternoon, had dinner with friends that night, wandered through my favorite bookstore and then had Sunday breakfast with different friends before driving back south. The Sunday drive was beautiful, though Zippy did gather a "lovely" collection of bugs on her front end. I really should have washed her today but once I got home from work I didn't think about that until after it got dark.

I Don't Get It
If an integral part of your job involved the performance of a particular task, but you had never done said task, wouldn't you be interested in learning how to do that task or at least in gathering the information relevant to doing said task before trying it? What if your job included advising other people how to do this task which you have never done? Wouldn't you think it advisable to have some experience in doing the task so that you can give others guidance on how to do it? I think it would be good to have some basic understanding or knowledge or to at least make sure that I had done the task once or twice prior to giving someone else advice about it. This approach is apparently a novel one, even for someone who has been in their position for over five years. I cannot imagine not doing some research to figure out how the task could/should be done. Nor can I imagine not thinking about what information needs to be gathered prior to and during the completion of said task. I also cannot imagine not asking questions or looking up information to obtain the background information necessary to do a complete, comprehensive job. I guess my imagination could use some work. *shrugs*

Working Out is Working!

While visiting friends this weekend at least two people observed that I appear to be smaller than I used to be. This is good! This also reflects my clothes fitting better and my measurements slowly declining. It was nice to hear that others are noticing the changes too. The boost from the compliments helped me eat well this weekend. I did splurge and buy myself a latte, but I avoided megacheeseburgers at Murphy's, sandwiches at Jimmy John's, burritoes at La Bamba, buffalo wings at Jillian's or White Horse Inn and pizza at Papa Del's. I did have some yummy granola-blueberry pancakes at Le Peep and some buckwheat pancakes and hash browns at The Courier Cafe, but avoided both junk food and fast food during the drive.

The Sphere of Influence
I am currently working on carrying with me a protective sphere of calm, confident, unflappable energy. The idea came to me after I mentally threw a sphere of nasty weather repellent over my house while headed out of town. I figured if I could maintain that shield from afar then I could probably maintain a sphere of balance and groundedness about my person. I managed it this morning fairly well. A discussion which might have been tense and uncomfortable in the past was actually quite calm and productive. Now I just need to remember to renew the sphere a couple times a day and remind myself to stay calm, serene and untouched by the negative energies around me.

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