Satisfyingly Sweaty

I really didn't feel much like working out today. I was physically tired much of the day. By the end of work I was also mentally tired. I did go to the library after work, which helped me perk up a bit.

Driving home, I went past a house which had a claw-foot bathtub sitting on top of the porch roof. Presumably said bathtub was removed from a 2nd story bathroom though why it was put on the roof is anybody's guess. Perhaps the hallway was too narrow? I'll have to keep an eye on things and see if the tub stays there or if it eventually leaves. I'm not entirely certain how the tub got out of the house as I didn't think there were windows large enough to accomodate the tub. I suppose there is always the chance that the tub will be eventually added to the house, but it wouldn't fit through the upstairs window or around some tight corner in the hallway or stairs. In any event, it gave me the giggles, which perked me up even more.

Once home, I wasn't really keen on working out. So I checked my e-mail, took pictures of the fruit trees, and puttered around the house. Then for some reason I found myself putting on exercise gear and jumping into a good cardio workout, which even went better than I thought it would. I hadn't planned to workout, but I did it anyway. Afterward, I made a big pot of quinoa-adzuki bean chili for the next week.

In the end, I was delightfully sweaty and weary. There is something particularly satisfying to me about getting soaked with sweat, especially after a day in which my brain gets tired and my body just sits. I don't know if it's the endorphins (aka The Mighty Mighty Endomorphins) or the knowledge that I did, indeed, exercise today or just oozing the stress of the day out of my pores. In any event, I am left feeling a great deal more satisfied with my day and myself than I probably would otherwise have been. The only thing that would have made the day better would have been to also write a decent, philosophical-type blog entry.

On Style
I have finally identified what my decorating and clothing style might be. For some reason, I was pondering this while chunking a bunch of data into the computer. Well, I don't know that I was pondering it so much as the concept just emerged from my back brain. The house styles I like include cottages, Folk Victorians and Prairie style houses. When it comes to interior decorating, I like the clean lines of Arts and Crafts or Mission-style furniture and minimalist, Zen or Asian influences. I'm not a big fan of knick knacks and fluff. That is not to say that I don't have a whole lot of clutter that needs to be cleaned up or thrown away, but I don't have an assortment of miscellaneous vases, coffee table books or other objet d'art to gaze upon. I like function or purpose and rarely purchase an item solely for its appearance. If I do pick up something for its appearance rather than its function, it's usually something unique or odd. Like a small cast-iron puppy figurine that appears to have been buried in someone's yard for years. Or I wait for someone with style, like my sister, to buy something decorative for me.

As for clothing, my style tends to be sporty/outdoorsy and jeans/t-shirt. I'm not against looking good, but I will not buy uncomfortable clothing. Yes, it's true. I rate comfort much higher than fashion in the greater scheme of things. With few exceptions, my clothes are all washable (as opposed to requiring dry cleaning) and most of my wardrobe does not require regular ironing. Well, it wouldn't require ironing if I'd actually hang things up when they came out of the dryer instead of piling them at the end of the bed.

I've never understood the point of purchasing trendy clothes that will be completely out of fashion in just weeks to months. I would much rather purchase more classic pieces (also known as boring clothes) which won't look completely silly in a short amount of time. Of course, I also prefer to pay a bit more money and buy good quality clothes rather than cheap stuff which quickly looks worn or misshapen with ordinary wear. Good quality clothing that fits well can last for several years with proper care and occasional mending. Poor quality clothing looks shabby in just a few months. The best fit in the world cannot make shabby, worn clothing look good.

For the most part, my wardrobe isn't terribly exciting, unless one considers the collection of Hawaiian shirts or colorful handknit socks, but it is serviceable and not horribly ugly, dowdy or frumpy. While I may not be anywhere near as stylish as my co-workers nor have as extensive a wardrobe, I'm also not spending anywhere near the amount of money each month on clothes or dry cleaning. Of course, I'm also not being stuck with as many unwearable clothes at the end of each season. That's all fine with me.


Mad Gringo said…
The world needs to wear more Hawaiian shirts. Just my opinion. Wonder if you could knit one of those?

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