I can haz strawberry!

Just one strawberry, but it's all mine! There are two strawberry plants growing in my garden. I think they are the survivors from transplants I moved from the lawn last summer. I don't know how/why there were strawberries in the yard, but there were. It seemed silly to keep mowing them over, so I moved several of them to the garden. I thought they all died, but apparently they did not. I spent a couple hours last night weeding around them thoroughly and staking out the runners in the right directions. Now I need to get some good mulch for them and continue encouraging them to do their thing!

Six down, nine to go!
I still have a non-functioning tiller, even with a shiny new spark plug, but I desperately needed to get some tomato plants in the ground before they died sitting on my windowsill. It took me three hours this evening, but I have cleared enough ground by hand to plant six tomato plants. Only nine plants left. Yes, that's right. I will have fifteen tomato plants this year. I like homegrown tomatoes and homemade salsa.

Ditching the Workout

Ok, so I didn't actually workout this evening, but I did spent three hours slaving away in the garden. I feel like I hammered my way through a long run or a hard cardio workout and my hands are tired enough that opening the orange juice bottle was a struggle. I'll either workout formally tomorrow night or I'll just slave away in the garden for another couple of hours. If nothing else, I'll get a partial lower body workout since my legs don't seem to be terribly tired.


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