Hypothetical Question

This question was posted to a message board I frequent:
If you were to take a one-way trip back in time, with nothing but the knowledge _currently_ in your head...

* Which time/era would you choose to travel to?
* What could you accomplish in that time/era with your existing knowledge?

My first thought was to go back to college, but change my major to computer science and take advantage of the .com explosion. My second thought was to go back to my birth and do the whole show over again. I've always wondered if it would be possible to avoid various mistakes, gaffes and faux pas if I knew then what I know now. The rest of my choices would deal with being present for various scientific discoveries--Pasteur's rabies vaccine trial, the Wright brothers' flight, animalcules and microscopes, radiation and x-rays, Koch's postulates, astronomy and the discovery of various planets, to name a few. My interest isn't so much in changing the outcome of things dramatically, but rather in watching history unfold. With that said, there could be a few changes made--the failure of various genocides, avoidance of wars, the interruption of the Black Death, the prevention of slaver.

When/where would you choose?

Disaster Narrowly Averted!
While using the weed whacker near the garden last night, I very nearly whacked one of the many backyard toads. *That* would have been incredibly messy and unpleasant. While the toads are quite vociferous in the evening, I really don't mind listening to them and I certainly don't want to decapitate any of them when trimming weeds. Now if I could just stop picturing (and hearing) the Budweiser frogs whenever the toads are croaking....

Flower Pictures!
The coreopsis have started blooming....

Looks like a bumper crop of peaches developing. I can hardly wait for fresh peaches and peach cobbler and peach pie and peaches in my oatmeal.

I managed to have orange and blue irises blooming side by side. I did bring some purple irises from Illinois, but have no idea where this orange one came from. Go Illini!

Happy Daisy!


Stefaneener said…
I envy you the peaches. Have no idea where/when I'd go. Different from here, that's for sure.

I don't want to think about it tonight!

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