Yard Critter!

hanging out in the garden.I haven't got much to say. I'm busy knitting socks. I have a new yard critter though. Isn't he cute? This is the second time I've seen him/her. I'll have to think of a name soon. Right now Frank comes to mind. I'm not sure why, but it does.

Yesterday there was a goldfinch hanging out on the deck rail, snacking on sunflower seeds while I was mowing the lawn. He made no attempt at all to fly away even when I mowed (with the big green monster) right next to the deck. On closer examination, he wasn't fully fledged, so he may not have learned yet that big, noisy, non-bird things may be bad for your health. Or else he was really hungry. Then again, he did fly away when I walked up on the deck after the mowing was finished. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of him.

There has been a pair of house finches on the deck that has been amusing to watch. It's a dad and a juvenile. The male cracks opens seeds while the kid sits next to him with his mouth open making "feed me!" noises. The kid is old enough to fly, but apparently hasn't figured out feeding himself yet. I wonder if this is the avian equivalent of the adult in their 30s or 40s who still lives at home, so the parents can continue to do everything for him/her.


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